Posthumous cleaning

Posthumous cleaning is not only a cleaning procedure but here emotions play a big role and therefore the cleaning procedures become intractable. 

Knowingly a dead body’s degradation starts a few minutes after death and the process depends on the environment and its temperature. That gives a reason for specific smell which causes ill-being and retching.  It is important to know that a specific smell is not threatening for a human being but the bakeries which multiply during decay. To clients offers Flamata posthumous cleaning cycle with right cleaning methods, chemicals, cleansers (including contaminated waste bags) and utilization. Sometimes appears the situation where the surfaces become clean but appeared damages are not to cancel out.

We react to posthumous cleaning calls during 3 hours in Tallinn, all over Estonia accordingly to agreements. In posthumous we use Ecolab’s special cleansers and protectors. Our professional cleaners bear more than five years experiences in named area.