Cleaning of services - and industrial surfaces.

Strict conditions go for surfaces of services and industry, including trade centres, restaurants, cafes, hotels, storehouses and factories, they have to be fulfilled.  Because of different inspecting controls it has to be guaranteed meticulous cleaning plan and its implementation so that won’t disturb your clients and workers.

Flamanta offers following cleaning works for services – and industrial surfaces:

Cleaning catering kitchens

Cleaning catering kitchens Cleanness in a kitchen is directly connected with our health. Every kitchen is the place where the accumulation of dirt is the most intense and because all surfaces have to be cleaned regularly. Food has to be stored in such hygienically treated environment where bacteria won’t spread. We take care of that kitchen surfaces are spick-and-spin. So far we have carried out cleanings in following restaurants and cafes: Aqva Spa, Meri Spa, Cafe Komeet, Cafe Kukeke, City Plaza Cafe, T-cafe, Ericssoni canteen, etc.

Cleaning process of restaurants and cafes.

Cleaning process of restaurants and cafes. A restaurant is a place with romantic and elegant atmosphere which should be cleaned every day. Often dirty surrounding is a reason why clients won’t return. Don’t lose your clients because of that tiny detail and let’s our cleaners clean your restaurant or cafe spick-and-spin. So far we have carried out cleanings in following eateries: City Plaza, Galerii cafes, Kärme Küülik, Metso Restaurant, Nautica Restaurant, Rondo Cafe, Cafe Komeet, etc.

Cleaning hotels

Cleaning hotels The most important area in accommodation is cleanness and hygiene so why cleaning service forms greatly an opinion of any hotel. In addition of surface cleaning we help to raise clients’ content with our hospitable and friendly service.